About Us


So Cal surf rats was started with the passion for fishing. And what better place to start fishing then right out your own back door at the Ocean Edge.

Was it the thrill of trying to out fish your buddy right next to you? maybe. Was it the possibility of hooking up with a 4 foot leopard shark on any given day? Could be.

Maybe it was showing a kid the basics and letting him “try it” and seeing him catch his first perch from the beach in front of Mom and Dad and hundreds of Beach Goers, ABSOLUTELY!!! . Probably a little bit of all these combined.

There is nothing like going out early in the morning and looking for a place that might hold fish. Land marking that place and then going back to see if you were right when the tide was right. Fish after Fish, day after day, battle after battle surf fishing took hold of us. Getting tugged down the beach by a Monster Bat Ray. Playing a world class Corbina with 4 pound test!

Don’t you want to find out what the THRILL and EXCITEMENT is all about?

You can experience the thrill of catching anything from a Perch to a Shark on ANY given day, so what other options were there!

So we started SoCalSurfRats a Surf Fishing Community where anglers alike can come and share their techniques, Ask there question without ridicule. Share a photo of their proud catch and not have to worry about giving away a secret spot caught in the background.

We are here to share-learn -fish. We are a community of anglers who want to teach and instruct younger generations about how to fish in the surf and how to conserve those resources. Take care of them.

We are here to teach anyone who wants to learn about this explosive growing sport. Surf fishing is here to stay and we hope you are also. If you take the time to sign up and join our Family you won’t be disappointed.

Friendships are being made with every post and outing. We hope you will Enjoy your stay and share a photo or story or two!