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  1. Howdy!
  2. halibut from the surf.
  3. Hagfish
  4. Where Should I go this weekend?
  5. Just started surf fishing
  6. New to the forum
  7. Finally, a SoCal sight for the surf
  8. Fried chicken?
  9. New here
  10. Poll
  11. New to the forum and to the West Coast
  12. Trying out surf fishing for the first time....
  13. Sand spikes
  14. Hot Spots
  15. Seaweed
  16. What is this?
  17. New Here - Surf Fished in H.B. since 59'
  18. New to forum n fishing
  19. You tube channel
  20. What questions are you always answering at the tide line?
  21. Everyone in a slump?
  22. Winter Fishing Locations
  23. Business Card Distribution Help.
  24. Summer / Winter
  25. 2 New Old Surf Rats - um HELP!
  26. Really!?!
  27. Big Catfish
  28. Morro Bay and Points North
  29. Help an out of stater?
  30. San Clemente HELP! Best Spot This time of year.
  31. Howdy
  32. Upcoming Surf Fishing Seminar
  33. Artificial Bait(s) in Winter?
  34. Most productive time/tide to catch big perch
  35. braided line or wire leader
  36. Solunar Theory
  37. Lucky Craft FM 110
  38. winter halibut..santa barbara....bigger bigger bigger.......
  39. Pt. Dume SMCA
  40. Stop by and introduce yourself at the Fred Hall show
  41. catching halibut off the surf
  42. Post Storm Surf Fishing
  43. Newbie
  44. Another Noob
  45. General Surf Fishing Terms & Slang
  46. surf fishing tournament????
  47. 3/29/14, Fishing HB at magnolia
  48. no cal places to surf fish
  49. First Time Tomorrow
  50. Halibut
  51. Late afternoon at Magnolia
  52. Newbie
  53. Still cranking at Magnolia
  54. Early season Stripers
  55. Moon A Rising
  56. First Post Saying Hello
  57. Surf Fishing Question
  58. Season?
  59. Yeah.. Yeah.. Yeah.. Only 800 Pounds.. Pffft
  60. tick tock... no patience -__-
  61. Does anyboby know...
  62. Camping on the Surf
  63. best line for the surf.
  64. Just Saying!
  65. 3rd Grip Rod Holder
  66. All time Favorite Surf Fishing Bait
  67. New Tshirt Design - Car Sticker
  68. Problems with APM (Automated Parking Machine) at California State Parks
  69. Mussels for bait
  70. Fishing Report from N.J.
  71. License for Surf Fishing
  72. Facebook Page
  73. Caught my first bean!
  74. Surf Fishing Dockweiler
  75. Novice surf fisherman
  76. Cousins Open House Flyer...
  77. Hookum
  78. New Arrivals
  79. Cousins Open House 6-28-14
  80. Dana Point and San Clemente trip underway
  81. Fishing Videos
  82. First time poster, surf-rat, and lucky dog...
  83. Mega Moon Impact
  84. California Saltwater State Records
  85. question about jellyfish
  86. Weekend in San Diego
  87. Southern California late night surf fishing
  88. San Diego 9/17/2014
  89. California MLPA APP?
  90. Fishing ain't Catching, Ugh
  91. Which Reel to match with my New Stick ... DXS962MFS
  92. Water Tower Anderson Street
  93. Corbina fishing
  94. Winter Surf Fishing Seminar at Sav-on Tackle Thursday, November 6, 2014 6:30 p.m.
  95. Long beach surf fishing
  96. Went to look for Sandcrabs
  97. Fish Attractant Spray
  98. Trying Huntington Beach tomorrow 10.31.14
  99. GOT the itch !!! Just want to be fishing !
  100. Veterans Day
  101. Just got some gulp shrimp!!!
  102. Where to start
  103. Huntington Park City LAkes
  104. Anyone fishing surfside today ???
  105. Happy Thanksgiving EVE all !!
  106. Wanted to go Fish but... FOOD COMA
  107. Fishing in the rain ??
  108. Fishing Weather Report Next Few Days Chris Dunn
  109. great video
  110. Beach Hazard until 12/22 Report from National Weather Service
  111. Merry Xmas
  112. Coming out to California for the first time. Just wanted to introduce myelf!
  113. New to surf fishing and already hooked
  114. Tide Reference
  115. Looking for a New Reel - Suggestions?
  116. crabs crabs crabs....Pismo Clams...legal for bait
  117. santa barbara.....
  118. 4-7 ft waves Anderson street Report
  119. Fish Taste
  120. New on the site--preparing for a day of fishing in June
  121. Prayers for Ron's (Plasticman) mom
  122. Fred Hall Show
  123. Second Rod Validation question
  124. Comin back to SoCal..
  125. Where to Start...
  126. Theres a new BP in town
  127. Hi guys I am back.
  128. Newbie Here! Headed out for the first time tomorrow....
  129. Moving to HB, walking dist. from water and pier!
  130. Upcoming Surf Fishing Clinic at Crystal Cove State Park...
  131. I'M a noob here, and i live in culver city
  132. pumping shrimp
  133. Surf Fishing Seminar at Crystal Cove State Park May 16th...
  134. More posts needed
  135. Snow fishing
  136. Crab Walk
  137. Oxnard Surf Fishing
  138. Noob on the board and the beach...
  139. New to Forum
  140. Legal Fishing areas?
  141. Youth Male Record Corbina
  142. Cayucos
  143. Please come to our surf fishing clinics June 20 and June 27...
  144. SUPER DEAL ON BOAT TRIPS! Thought I would share -
  145. Marine Protected Areas and Lifeguards
  146. I hear to pick you guys brains...
  147. Couple corb and spotfin videos from last year about this time
  148. Cant post photos
  149. Heading To South County San Cliemente camping on the cliffs
  150. IF you see POACHERS - USE Caltip
  151. Surf Fishing Seminar at Sav-On Tackle This Wednesday--7/8/2015
  152. South Carlsbad State Beach Surf Fishing Seminar next Weekend...
  153. Fishing Forecast Friday Evening
  154. Got a new set up for the waves.
  155. New Combo's
  156. Question
  157. Hello ! New to the forum
  158. Gripe - venting out
  159. A little help or advice
  160. SoCalSurfRats and Fishthesurf on-the-beach Surf Fishing Seminar in Carpinteria
  161. Super fishing tackle swap meet Sat. Aug. 22, long beach
  162. Anyone ever fish El Porto Beach in Manhattan Beach?
  163. Boat - To buy or not to buy
  164. show me where to pump ghost shrimp for $$$$$
  165. A few tips and tricks for your tackle box
  166. Lucky Craft Flash Minnow on order
  167. Nov 7 fishing and boating swap meet
  168. New to surf fishing
  169. Big Fish Surf Seminar
  170. Plastic for halibut
  171. What about winter fishing?
  172. Need Help finding a beach to fish from in Ventura County
  173. I was wrong about myself
  174. Newport beach jetties
  175. Swimbaits that have seen better days
  176. Looking for a good job calling all Painters
  177. Carpinteria area Surf fishing
  178. Fred Hall Show a week and a half away
  179. Just wondering if anyone here is still fishing
  180. Hello From the east coast
  181. Too dumb to come in from the rain
  182. how about a baja surf fishing video
  183. Mahi in Mexico
  184. What waders do you guys recommend
  185. Hats and shirts
  186. Surf fishing etiquite
  187. fishing in this tournament this sat 10/15/16 anyone else going , see you there
  188. The One that got away...
  189. Some more fish from Jersey
  190. New to Forum, From Midwest
  191. Happy Holidays
  192. Palos Verdes Inspiration Point: Will i want my waders?
  193. Feb. 14, the week of-
  194. Hello Everyone- I'm new on Here
  195. Flatty
  196. Oxnard Shores
  197. First Bluefish of the season
  198. First Fluke of the year.
  199. My friend's Striper
  200. Alamitos Bay
  201. Haven't gone fishing the beach....
  202. Happy 4th
  203. Of
  204. How to target Leopard Sharks?
  205. Bay Area Fishing
  206. Didn't get to to ....
  207. Time to start culling sea lions ,, please read
  208. How to tell the different Sexes of perch why we need to know this I don't know but why not?
  209. Do you fish Abdul Garcia reels here is the story of that reel
  210. New Member from Bakersfield
  211. * 10th "NO Motor" event, Coming Saturday November 3 2018