View Full Version : Email activation - Registration

05-31-2014, 02:37 PM
Hello Everyone -

This is an update to inform you that if you have NOT Received your Email Activation Link in an email there are a couple things to check.

Check your Spam Folder - Some internet security programs are very sensitive.
ADD us to your safe list - admin@socalsurfrats.com
Add our I.P address if you are accessing from work.
Sign up Using a different email address. We can always change your username if you have TWO registrations.

Please Note Email Addresses from :: AT&T - Some Gmail - Hotmail & Aol tend to filter more than they need to.

Usually these 3 things will allow you to get your emails and contest updates. I know most of you have received them. ;) If you are receiving them then there is nothing you need to do.

Please contact us here by email if you still cannot sign in.

Thank you