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07-28-2014, 03:25 PM

682 Good morning fellow aficionados , hit the beach at 730 am and woke up to some very nice Yellow Fin Croaker in San Clemente today . It was non stop hits till 200 pm .
Caught a total of 12 yfc , 2 leos , 1 bsb , 1 bsp and I almost caught a surfer too ! I had so much fun that I even took some pics .
I tried lug worms , sand crabs, crack, motor oil red flake grubs, green flake grubs, gulp red worms and last but not least the winner was squid .
When the Carolina rig failed at white wash I went to casting beyond breakers with squid . Started hitting yfc immediately and a little bit of everything else . Used a sputnik 4 0z weight on 20 pnd line with a double looper rig with #6 hooks .
The weather was freaky , storm clouds resembling funnels started forming overhead with lightning hitting off shore with light rain.
I originally was going to try to hit Malibu but the wifey said nay nay . So I opted for something a little closer so as to not cause friction at the home front .
Maybe next time I'll try the north beaches . See my post on how to catch em at Surf Fishing :: How To's :: From Rigging's to Finding Fish and Bait (http://socalsurfrats.com/surf-fishing-california/forumdisplay.php?97-Surf-Fishing-How-To-s-From-Rigging-s-to-Finding-Fish-and-Bait) . :rats_1_3: