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11-01-2014, 07:15 AM
Met an angler by the beach while I was throwing 3/4 oz. Gold Kastmaster.

Spoke to him and asked what are they using for bait. And he told me Lugworms. At first I thought he said bloodworms, which I am familiar with but it's the first I've heard of lugworms. He said he's caught Corbina, Spotfin, yellowfin, and perch on those worms.

Has anyone tried or used this bait ? and how do you hook them ? what type of hook ? The gentleman that shared some with me, cut the worm in half, and said "save the other half for later" ...

I understand they are cheaper than the bloodworms.

11-01-2014, 10:15 AM
Hey Killer,
Lug worms make great bait and you can get about 18 for the cost of six blood worms. Although they are not as tough as a bloodworm they work very well too for almost every fish.

They are grown in commercial facilities in South Korea and make their way to LAX every Wednesday. Once packaged they are delivered by refrigerated truck to tackle shops, Turners, lakes and a few other stores from San Luis Obispo to San Diego. Rick Klein is the largest distributor with his "hooked on bait" tackle company.

They are very hardy and can last about one to two weeks in your refrigerator if left undisturbed. So that means you can buy them this weekend, go fish, then use them again next weekend too.

For rigging I suggest the Carolina rig. 1/2 ounce sliding sinker, bead, #12 swivel, 20" 6lb flouro leader and a #2 sproat or mosquito hook. The Sproat hook is just like a bait holder (which you can use too) with it's long shank and shank barbs to hold bait--but is a perfect "J" shape with no offset from the hook tip to it's eye. Also, you can use a smaller shank mosquito hook like an Owner mosquito or Gamagatsu split shot/drop shot hook.

You want to use the whole worm. Not only because it presents a more realistic look but also because it's juicy contents will leak out if you cut it. The best way to hook the worm is by finding the end with it's mouth and feeding the hook point down it's mouth and continue down the center of it's body. Pull the "head" of the worm up your hook and eventually your line leaving about 2" below the hook and punch the point and barb through it's side.

Cast that bad boy out retrieve it slowly and hang only--almost every fish will bite it.

Check out this amateur video my video crew :o took of me showing how to hook these guys: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZAlmszGNUs

11-01-2014, 12:31 PM
Great video, Bill ! thanks for the share !!! See, even when I was using the bloodworms bought from Big Fish bait and tackle in Seal Beach, I was doing it wrong. I was just hooking and twisting the worm through and through thus killing the bait. Ergo, wasted bait, and no fish. I'm gonna go get some of that worm, and try it that way. I know it takes practice cuz those bloodworms are slippery and easy to get frustrated threading the hook... Patience "grasshopper" :D