View Full Version : 6-16-13 - San Clemente State Beach - Nice Leopard Shark

06-20-2013, 11:33 AM
So we hit the beach around 7:30 with no crowd in site ..."Yet" pretty strong current to the south... with about 2 foot surf. Starting out looking for SC but only smalls/micros.

So we through on some Lug Worms that we picked up from Hogans bait and tackle. And the Bite was on.. little to medium perch. We kept a few for bait and advanced the attack.

I hooked up my medium rod with a double drop looper rig with a 3 ounce weight and squid.. Didn't get a good cast but was lazy and didn't want to real it back in so I racked it and started on the big stick. Not 3 minutes later I had a taker.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Tried to yell to my fishing buddy but he was to far down the beach.... but had some other anglers showing up.. so gave up. CPR. Re-baited and out she went a little bit further about 15 yards.. pleased. Buddy came back and showed him the picture! ;)

About 20 minutes later another taker..zzzzzzzzzz on squid again. I have never caught to leo's that fast together.. FUN! (buddy took the pic so I am still waiting for him to send that one.. he came in at a little over 3.5'

Now I rigged up the BIG STICK .. Penn 525 Mag w/ 12 Ocean Master Rod. Med/Hev with a Drop-looper , braided line and Big Circle Hook and a whole small perch and a 4 oz surf weight.. (I am trying to cast myself.) The family has arrived and I rack the Big Stick and grap the light tackle and start replenishing the bait bucket. ... 30 minutes later.. yep.. zzzzzzzzzzz

BAT RAY after a few tugs I thought.. Dead weight .. and taking line whenever he wanted. 15 minutes later I am 100 yards plus down the beach on a scenic tour...

And the end result... Another Leopard.. The best Fighter I have Ever Had.. he started getting spunky about half way down the beach.. and the crowd wanted to see what was pulling me around.. He looked awesome in the waves.. Yet I forgot my Tape in all the excitement down the beach.. Ideas on size.. I say 5.5 or more.. I am 5.11... Awesome Day..


07-05-2013, 10:20 PM
That is badass! I've only ever caught small Leo's. how apart did you have the dropper loops? While baby squids or chunks. Hopefully I can match your skill and catches. Tight lines!

07-06-2013, 05:35 PM
About 24" inch between the droppers. 3oz homemade surf sinker and whole squid uninked. I swear the bigger ones like the small perch and un-cleared squid.

good luck,