View Full Version : 8-3 SC State Beach

08-05-2013, 08:08 AM

Hit the sand at SC at around 645 to a nice "looking" beach. There wasn't a hole lot of surge and no salad to speak of. Once again within a few casts I caught a perch.. very small variety. I forgot my 2" camo's to use so I was using the 4" style. They were biting it short on the tail which I figured. So I trimmed of the extra a left only a small tail. The bites stopped....hmmmm. Put back on the 4" and the hits started coming again. Hooked one more that was it for awhile.

Shuffled down the beach 100 yards just past the last set of surfers and the surf was calm until set up. Then it started crashing. Not a bite until lunch so we decided to pack it up and head to Hogan's bait and tackle to see what's up. We ended up at Dana Point across the street with only a couple perch picked up there.

Tons of surfers and people at DP but a Guy had some NICE spotfins in his bucket that he caught earlier on Mussels.

THere were no sand crabs to be had hardly.. the ones you could dig were of the Micro class. But it was good to get out and try the wagon on for size. It worked well.

Now I am off to build a Bait Launcher need to get our further for the bigger model fish.

Hope somebody else has a better report from this weekend.