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  1. September Surf Fishing Contest - CROAKER PALOOZA - Winner

    Surf Fishing Croaker Contest Winner - Nice pair of 15+ YFC!

    Way to Go Rick!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Grace View Post
    a beautiful pair of yellowfins!
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  2. Fish the Surf Like a Pro - Knot a Rookie

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    Most rookie surf anglers think that since the ocean is so large, they can just grab a rod, their freshwater tackle box from the garage, head to the beach and expect to catch a boat load of fish. But when they rig up their usual bobber or trout rig and try to cast their line as far out as possible with some left over bait from last weeks freshwater outing, things just donít turn out as planned.

    Sure fishing is fishing but there are different ...
  3. Catch Your Own Live Bait Fish

    There are many ways to catch your own bait. We have all caught some of these listed.

    • Sand Crabs
    • Mussels
    • Ghost Shrimp
    • Blood Worms
    • Clams

    And we have certainly purchased a lot more from the bait store.

    But a way that a lot of surf fisherman over look is the Pelagic Feared Word "SABIKI"! See made even you tremble. No it's not some ancient asian war lord fisherman. See Photo.

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    What this rig ...
  4. Photo Posting

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    We all want to see you pictures so here are the steps you can use.

    1) Type the text you would like to see before the picture or your report.
    2) Click on the "Insert Image" icon directly about the text box.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    When you click on this icon a box will pop up.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here click on "My Computer" tab on the top if the photo is on your PC/Laptop. (Mobile APP soon!)

  5. California Surf Fishing - A Beginning

    Disclaimer - I have grammar issues.

    California Surf Fishing Ė A Beginning

    I started surf fishing in California after numerous years of fresh water bass fishing. I mostly focused on the large mouth species in Central California with my good friend Dave. We used to hit it pretty hard and do pretty good on the spots and largemouth.

    But after moving down to southern California to help my aging grandmother and meeting the love of my life I didnít have all the great ...