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Jim McNulty

  1. 1/8/15 Outing

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    (3) of us caught (4) small surfperch (Gulp grubs - motoroil) & (1) jack smelt (Gulp sandworm - camo). Great weather, and approaching high tide.
    What sized hook did you catch the jack smelt on and how long was it?
  2. How to rig a double looper set up quick and easy and catch more fish!

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    Thread should have been titled, 'Where to buy pre-tied double dropper loops and price, etc.'!! You see, I'm more of a Dick's guy myself... LOL, luckily I am well endowed in that category of rigging and its one of my favorites to tie! So I will take the extra five minutes and just do it myself. I'm sure this is very good info for a beginner and even for experts as well...:-)
    Hey, don't pound the guy over that. We all find our way to where we want to go and if you don't like a scene in ...