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  1. California Surf Fishing - A Beginning

    Disclaimer - I have grammar issues.

    California Surf Fishing Ė A Beginning

    I started surf fishing in California after numerous years of fresh water bass fishing. I mostly focused on the large mouth species in Central California with my good friend Dave. We used to hit it pretty hard and do pretty good on the spots and largemouth.

    But after moving down to southern California to help my aging grandmother and meeting the love of my life I didnít have all the great ...
  2. How fishing truly is EPIC!

    My name is Steve and I enjoy fishing with a passion. There is alot behind that statement, and I'd like to explain:

    4 years ago as I walked down to the parking lot of my apartment over the hills of Villa Park, I suddenly felt as if I had been hit by a baseball bat in the head! I'd had a massive stroke at 48 years old. I fell down and was completly paralyzed - couldn't move, breath or call for help - I was dying. After 4 minutes or so, without yet taking a breath, a bunch of strangers ...
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