• Beer Batter Barred Surf Perch

    Okay I guess this isn't really a recipe but a technique that I do for my barred serf perch fillets. I don't mess around unless they are the 10" plus models. If you get 10 of those you are into some nice eats.

    Step 1) Get yourself a brown paper bag

    Step 2) Fillet your perch (guess need to make a video on that) rinse your fish off or soak the fillets in a tub for about a 1/2 hr. Take out and pat try. (pat is the name of my wife)

    Step 3) Get yourself some corn meal and dump it in the bag. Enough for the amount of fish. shake the bag easy a couple times and take out. The bigger bags are easier to get the fillet out.

    Step 4) Get yourself a beer.. dark is good.. I like to use a red, but I want to try one of those apple beers for this recipe. Don't think I could drink one though. Take a sip. Pour a little into a tray to wet the fish you are going to batter and drop it in the bag. Don't drop a bunch in the bag at a time or they will stick and you wont get a good coverage.

    Step 5) Take out and drop in a skillet of oil. Don't burn yourself not my fault, don't over cook it! Most the time on medium heat in a skillet 3 minutes per side is plenty. I prefer to use a lil buddy deep fryer and I just drop them in easy.. when they float they are done. Good Stuff! Let me know how you like it.

    Plastic Man