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    The sargo (Anisotremus davidsoni) is a perch like ray finned fish which is also known as Xanthic sargo, China croaker, black croaker, blue bass and grunt. It is an excellent sport and food fish for piers fishermen due to their delicious meat and tremendous fighting ability along the California coast. It is endemic to the Eastern Pacific and is found from central California to central Baja and the northwestern and eastern Gulf of California.

    It is schooling fish that is found near the bottom from shallow sub-tidal waters to 198 feet depths. It likes to hang around structure such as rocks, kelp beds, oil platforms and pier pilings. It is also abundant in marinas under the boats near the mooring pilings.

    It has deep and laterally compressed body with blunt snout and short head. Mouth is small with horizontal and fleshy lips. Body color is gray above with silver sides and belly. It has vertical dark bars on the side near mid-body. The upper margin of gill cover is black with a dark spot at the base of the pectoral fin. Juvenile has 2-3 blackish stripes on the side and lack of spot at the base of caudal fin. Dorsal fin is long which is divided by small notch into spiny part and soft rayed part.

    Dorsal fin contains 11-12 spines and 14-16 soft rays while anal fin bears 3 spines with 9-11 soft rays. Pectoral fin is relatively short while tail or caudal fin is forked. Body is covered by moderate to large scales which is absent front of snout, lips and chin, on membranes between dorsal and anal soft rays. Lateral-line is complete with 50-52 scales. It grows up to 17.5 inches in length and 3.5 pounds in weight. It can live up to for 15 years.

    Sargo spawn when they are about 7 inches long and 2 years old. It is pelagic spawner and spawning occurs in late spring and early summer. During late summer one inch young moves shallow water and form school with young salema and black croaker but at a length of 5 inches, when they are about 1 year old, they join adult sargo schools.

    It is bottom feeder which mainly feeds on crustaceans, mollusks, bryozoans, worms and squids. Sargo is very common in Shelter Island Pier, Oceanside Harbor Pier, Seal Beach Pier, Belmont Shores Pier, Cabrillo Pier, Redondo Harbor Sportfishing Pier, the Green Pleasure Pier at Avalon and the Santa Monica Pier. It hits the all types of baits but fresh mussels, razor clams, worms, squid or ghost shrimp are the best bait for catching sargo.

    It is caught by using light tackle or high/low leader with 8-4 size hooks. It is very popular targets for per fishermen and it is caught during the fast water tidal flow around bridges, piers and bays. The sargo is fished from shore or from a boat. The sargo is commonly caught during the summer months. Sargo makes a piglike grunting sound when it is pulled from the water.

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