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Jim McNulty

How to rig a double looper set up quick and easy and catch more fish!

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Quote Originally Posted by Huesitos805 View Post
Thread should have been titled, 'Where to buy pre-tied double dropper loops and price, etc.'!! You see, I'm more of a Dick's guy myself... LOL, luckily I am well endowed in that category of rigging and its one of my favorites to tie! So I will take the extra five minutes and just do it myself. I'm sure this is very good info for a beginner and even for experts as well...:-)
Hey, don't pound the guy over that. We all find our way to where we want to go and if you don't like a scene in a movie, we don't usually walk out.
He does share other details, 11 foot rod, 20 pound test, hook size, bait, satellite 4 ounce sinkers and where to buy them, etc.
Take the part that might benefit you and leave the rest. Remember everyone may not have you skills and may elect shortcuts that suit his needs. If he's catching fish, enjoying the beach, and having fun, I say thumbs up to him.
There may be some of us, like me, who copied this post and filed it in my fishing file should I want to pursue this kind of fishing. I have purchased a lot of fishing equipment in my life, much recommended by fishing shop employees (on commission) that was worthless and had no value to me. At least this guy is taking his time to share what he has learned that works for him in So Calif.
That is the same reason that a bunch of the rest of us go to the beach and listen and look at Bill Varney has to show and tell. He's has his way down and it sure works for him. Oh yes, we buy Bill's book for the same reason. We all have to start somewhere.
Just my thoughts.
Jim in Corona
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  1. Huesitos805's Avatar
    My post was merely a joke and sarcasm. was not my intention to 'pound the guy' as everyone is making this into a bigger deal than it really is.... I thought the last sentence conveyed that quite clearly along with my follow up post.... but thank you for making an example of my sins!! :') (more sarcasm there forya, LOL)
  2. PlasticMan's Avatar
    Thank you for clearing that up Huesitos805!

    Have a great week fishing.