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Christmas Vacation Fishing in San Diego Bay- December 23rd and 26th 2014

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Hello fellow fisherman!!! I would like to introduce myself since I am new here and currently a "Water Swatter" but I swear I'm not a water swatter. My name is Phillip and I have lived in Escondido CA for all of my life.. But recently that has changed. Now I am a freshman in my second semester at Idaho State University. Yikes!!!! But being so far from home isn't all that bad. Reason is because it really makes me miss fishing my favorite thing ever!!!! Pretty sad because in Pocatello where I currently live the fishing is supposed to be amazing! And the famous snake river is only minutes away. But in order to get fishing I would need to be an Idaho resident to obtain a license (not really possible for me). One day I might actually remember to go on a free fishing day.. but wait.... I still don't have my truck here so I can't even do that . Well back to my love for fishing... spending long periods of time without being able to fish makes me more eager than ever to go fishing so when I come back home I can't help but to go at any chance I get. And being so far away I look up socal fishing videos and info a lot more than usual. I came across some videos that really got my attention.. san diego bay fishing and lagoon fishing. Something I had never even thought of before. So obviously I couldn't wait to try it out.

The day was December 23, just a single day after I got home. The day was wearing off as I was getting all ready to go fishing. So I was determined to make it to San Diego Bay for some fishing. I drove to downtown San Diego as fast as I could to look for some spots.. bad choice. I had no idea where to go so I looked up on a map the closest possible fishing spot there was. Eventually I found a park called Embarcadero Marina Park. I only had a little more than an hour of daylight so I got to the water and threw in my line right away. I had some squid on a carolina rig and had no idea what to expect. Very soon something was tugging at my line fairly hard. I reeled in the beast and it turned out to be just a little Sand Bass my first ever sand bass and my very fish from the bay .

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After I released the crazy little guy I threw my line back in and waited. Seconds later I got a little bite on my line so I reeled it in to see what it was. A decent sized spotted bay bass (also a first). The bite kept coming the whole hour I had left and at the end I caught a single sand bass and about 6 or 7 spotted bay bass!!! Including this one in the picture.

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What a beauty and a great day of fishing!!! Never thought my first time would be my best haha
I'd like to thank Mr.Eastside619 for inspiring me to go bay fishing!!
All fish were successfully released

Three Days later on December 26 I decided to go to the legendary spot of Harbor Island. I got there about 11:00 and started fishing right away as usual. I fished for about an hour with no luck at all throwing in my swimbaits and squid. But I don't give up easy. Many times i saw these red fish which at the time I thought could be starfish, so I decided to try for whatever these things were. I saw one close and threw my squid a little passed him and instantly I got bit. I reeled him up fast and was surprised to see that it was a sculpin. A freeking Sculpin 0.0

I got my pliers out and desperately tried to free him from the hook. He even touched me with his fin once 0.0 I know they are poisonous so I was scared poopless. Eventually I gave up and just cut the line. Here is the little devil

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Later on I hooked a couple good Spotties but only got one out of the water. The other i was lazy and tried to bring him up to me at the top of the rocks and he got cut off
All in all a decent day of fishing with another first catching the Sculpin
I also found out that day that Spotties taste pretty good

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  1. bbsurfdog's Avatar
    Nice report, way to keep at it.
  2. Phil's Avatar
    Thanks! Expect more posts this summer
  3. FishKiller's Avatar
    Seems like fishing areas close to you are very convenient. And nice spots at that. Do you time your fishing schedule ? i.e., 2 hours before and 2 hours after high tide ? or are you like me ... just go when you can ?
  4. Phil's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback FishKiller! For timing on surf fishing I try to arrive an hour before high tide to an hour after high tide. But usually if its good I stay longer, either morning or late afternoon. Anywhere else(not the surf) I just show up before sunrise or about two hours before sunset. Going for me is rather complicated at times so I just go any opportunity I have just like you said. Good luck out there!