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Carlsbad Surf + Aqua Hedionda Lagoon-January 8

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Hello again, Just wanted to post an exciting day once again for me

It was the day before I left again for ISU. As you all know late December and early January was oddly cold for San Diego. On the 5th or 6th of January it started to warm up a bit, so I decided I would wait a couple of days to go fishing. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be but I had some lucky catches the day I went.

I started the day off fishing the surf as this is my favorite fishing. Just bought a lucky craft surf pointer couple days ago along with a cif flash minnow so I decided to patrol the beach with my surf pointer. No luck for about 2 hours casting around the jetties and rocks. So I decided to patrol the beach instead. After another extremely slow hour I saw bait jumping so I started to cast my lure around the bait fish. About 10 minutes later I knew I got bit as there was some vicious tugging on my rod. Here's what I brought in

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I decided to make some bait out of him.
Went to Aqua Hedionda Lagoon just on the other side to see what was biting there.. Cut up some of that jack smelt and threw it in right at the mouth of the lagoon. Instantly my rod bent. So much I thought I was stuck on some plants. Soon I found out different and I brought out a really nice Spotted Bay Bass. Too bad I dont have a pic of him. FYI this was right after the dredging they did so there was no luck at that spot after that nice catch.

Then I went to the west side of the lagoon to try my luck. Threw in the same setup and got a really hesitant bite. As the fish cruised in close I was completely surprised... It was my very first Halibut. Too bad he wasn't a legal one but could be the first Hali of the 2015 season Here he is

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Don't mind the face haha was a hard shot to get

Well that was another good day of fishing!!!! Good luck out there guys!!!
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  1. crabman's Avatar
    Great fishing and catching! Thanks for the report...
  2. Phil's Avatar
    My pleasure!
  3. FishKiller's Avatar
    That's an amazing venture. Cut bait for Bass and Hali... that is amazing.
  4. Phil's Avatar
    Thanks FishKiller! I have never seen someone do it before so you could just imagine how surprised I was. I will test it out this summer to see if this technique doesn't just work in the winter. Stay tuned