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Crystal Cove

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Hi guys, I'm new to surf fishing and headed to Crystal Cove with the fam this weekend. I would appreciate any advice and some info on a near by bait shop. I trout fish multiple times a year but the ocean will be a new experience. I like to throw lures but bought a 12' pole for lazy days.
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  1. crabman's Avatar
    The closest bait shop would be Ketchum (used to be called Jimmys) in Costa Mesa around 17th St. They have a good selection of surf baits. The next closest would be Big Fish at Seal Beach Blvd. and PCH. Can't catch bait there so you have to bring it with you.
  2. Phil's Avatar
    Try Berkley sandworm in the smaller size on a carolina rig. It's the usual beginner go to bait and works really well. Good to have another fisherman try the surf out! Good luck!!!
  3. Phil's Avatar
    Oops I didn't notice I was a little late to reply.. Any luck?