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Best days to go out and technique that has helped me

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Perhaps this is old hat, but as I am new to this site, be aware of the chart, found at

This chart shows which days of the month have the greatest difference between low and high tides--and rates them at "no fish", "one fish", "two fishes", and "three fishes". I have found time and time again that this is very meaningful information. But it's not enough, check the general weather as well, just recently I went out based solely on the chart, only to find the Baja hurricane had generated wind so strong it was very difficult to fish, even with a heavy weight and "the long rod". Another chart you should have--or one like it, is found at Although this chart is specific to Huntington Beach, it has a pretty broad application anywhere near that area. So if you see a "three fish day" on the first mentioned chart, and and the beach weather chart shows low wind and low waves, together that makes for some solid planning. Last, as Bill pointed out recently in one of his articles, the moon is a factor as well. I prefer early morning fishing generally--as the wind tends to be lower, the people on the beach fewer--but, if the Moon has been full (again as Bill pointed out) the fish tend to not be hungry for the early morning bite as they have been feeding all night, so afternoon is best. Last thought: the tide generally is best fished incoming (exceptions are noted) and this occurs over roughly seven hours, but I have found better fishing during the last three hours of that seven hour period. That said, someone (?) correctly pointed out recently--I believe on this site--that during the last few hours, the downside is that far more kelp is found at this time, than in the first hours of the incoming tide. That is true, but still for me, that is when I want the long rod, and the slickest Braid (I use Power Pro Super Slick) and of course a fluorocarbon leader. By getting the best distance I can muster, I get out away from where the kelp is bunching up close to shore. Note via both of these charts--the first chart referenced above also shows the moon phase---that this coming Monday through Thursday should be very good: early morning incoming tide, the last few hours of that incoming tide commencing around 6:30AM (on Monday), with a near dark moon the night before, calm beach conditions, low wind. It is also interesting to note that the last few times I have been out, under these conditions, I have done very well--AND my friend fishing offshore had great action on the local yellowtail on the exact same days--and on the days rated "no fish" he also did poorly--as did I. If interested see photo attached of my last outing (yes, I normally do release most everything I catch). Tight lines, and see you guys out there soon--for me, this coming Monday. Regards Jim
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  1. FishKiller's Avatar
    Great tip ! Definitely follow the pattern !
  2. Bondo's Avatar
    I have to say this is definitely in the top 5 of the best fishing tips I have ever seen. #1 tip for surf fishing. I started using this the moment I read it. And even though the strip of sand I fish is not on the website it lies between two spots that are. Results are spot on with it. Only thing is I wish there was more variety of fish. We catch a lot of RTSP and a few BSP. The wife even caught a small flatty one time. Anyways it's a great tip. Thanks for posting it
    Tight Lines