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California Surf Fishing - A Beginning

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Disclaimer - I have grammar issues.

California Surf Fishing Ė A Beginning

I started surf fishing in California after numerous years of fresh water bass fishing. I mostly focused on the large mouth species in Central California with my good friend Dave. We used to hit it pretty hard and do pretty good on the spots and largemouth.

But after moving down to southern California to help my aging grandmother and meeting the love of my life I didnít have all the great fishing opportunities that I was used to. Donít get me wrong, there are places to fish but the concentration of fisherman here are a little more condensed and the opportunities were becoming fewer.

So being a new transplant in California and having my first child, owning my own business and trying to get some fishing time in I was stressing out. On the weekends we would get to the beach often and I have to admit I sat there playing with my kids and oiling my wife and not even thinking about fishing from the surf in California.

Then after several years, yes I know.. It hit me. Okay actually it didnít I say a older gentlemen pull in a species of fish I had never seen, a shovel nose guitar fish is later what I found out it was.

I asked him a few particulars of what he was using, did he usually catch this style of fish. Was it good for eating and he was very polite and gave me a few good pointers. The next week I had a small spin caster in my hand and grabbed a few packages of different baits and I was off and running well fishing, but I did run to the beach and left the family to carry all the normal gear. Okay right, if you are married you know that is not how it works out!

Helped the family set up camp, then I was off to the water... didnít have to run because I was only 20 feet from the surf. I dug up a few sand crabs and Carolina rigged them just like I would have a plastic worm and it wasnít long before I caught my first BSP! Which stands for barred surf perch from the California Beach? And another and another, they just kept coming until I was tired.

After that great session I knew that this could meet my needs for fishing and my new addiction was born. I upgraded my spin caster to a salt rig and longer surf rod and have enjoyed it ever since.

If you are into surf fishing and would like to learn more about it in a smaller community setting,stop by and share your experiences and ask your questions. I started this forum to help those that love to teach others and not to get overlooked like can happen in some of the larger forums.

It will take time for us to grow a little but if you enjoy surf fishing in California then is a place for you to become part of our surf fishing family.

Email a friend or two and hope to see you on the beach!