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How fishing truly is EPIC!

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My name is Steve and I enjoy fishing with a passion. There is alot behind that statement, and I'd like to explain:

4 years ago as I walked down to the parking lot of my apartment over the hills of Villa Park, I suddenly felt as if I had been hit by a baseball bat in the head! I'd had a massive stroke at 48 years old. I fell down and was completly paralyzed - couldn't move, breath or call for help - I was dying. After 4 minutes or so, without yet taking a breath, a bunch of strangers came to my rescue and got me to breath. Not being able to speak coherently, I mumbled "stwoke...stwoke" and they figured out what I meant and called 911. I soon found myself in the first of 3 hospitals that I would stay in.

My father was a surgeon and when he learned of the type and severity of the stroke, he told my family and friends to prepare for my death, as it usually would take two days to die from the type of brain injury that I'd had.

To shorten the story, I didn't die! I did have brain surgery and continued therapy long after the 1 month stay in the hospital. I was told after several months that I wouldn't get much better and was declared permanently disabled. Around that time, I lost my best friend and sadly limped into the church for the funeral. 4 months later I lost my mom, and dad died 6 months after that. I can't put in words how sad I became. I not only lost everyone I loved, but I also found myself on my own - all my support was gone as well. Lonely and broken I had to make myself better. I had to take care of myself and learn to function again.

Before mom died, my friend from highschool - a best friend that I hadn't seen in 20 years (Gergevets on this sight) Had Googled my name and found me by way of the internet. Greg and I hooked up again and became the closest of friends again. I've known him for 40 years! Amazing!

After renting a house close to Greg, with my 23 guitars, I fell into a deep depression lasting months. I could play guitar again and had taught Greg most of what he knew 35 years earlier, so we jammed a bit - but soon I was on the couch to depressed to move.

Now to the good part: one day, after walking around a lake at a local park last year, I saw a young man fishing. I introduced myself (he was a nice guy of course, he was a fisherman) and he directed me to go get a license and a pole, and soon I was pulling catfish out of that lake. I had several poles at home and instead of laying on the couch, immobilized with depression, I was fishing again - still depressed, but outdoors and fishing!

Soon Greg started spending time with me at the lake. He's been a true friend and always encouraging and counseling me as I recovered. I would not be typing this and probably would not even be alive if it weren't for his love and help. He and his wife were crucial in my recovery. Anyway, he finally got his own pole and very quickly we both became fishing enthusiasts; addicts! Fishing fiends! We fished that park, fished in the mountains and became regulars at Irvine Lake.

Fishing became a focus in my (our) lives and I no longer lay on the sofa, and although I'll always grieve the loss of those I lost, fishing takes me to a better place and has seriously changed my outlook on life. I'm excited and constantly looking forward to the next trip. Im healing faster (you won't even know I'm affected, I lost all the feeling in my right arm but play guitar and cast my rod, albeit with difficulty) and I'm behaving like a normal human again! I even volunteer at St. Jude hospital on the Brain Injury ward where I started my recovery when my parents were still alive and I was hopeless.

I live close to Fisherman's Access in Brea and go there often. One day, not long ago, I overheard a conversation about fishing the surf at Bolsa Chica. I asked about it and was given ad
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  1. PlasticMan's Avatar
    !!! Okay so your gunna through heart wrenching blogs into the mix! GS, gotta get together and have an EPIC surf day! God Bless! It's going to be EPIC from here on out! God works in mysterious ways. Way Mysterious.
  2. Glandazuri89's Avatar
    Man, Fishing is love.

    Although I have yet to be so close to death, I truly understand the way in which fishing changes lives.
    Fishing leaves no room for depression in my case.

    All I can think about is the next catch, and the one after that.