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Is this a sand crab?

Added by heinrichrw
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Is this a sand crab?

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Description by heinrichrw


I was about 500 yards south of the Rosarito Beach Hotel Pier when I saw this crab. Is this a sand crab? I have never seen one this big before.

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  1. #1 PlasticMan
    Re: Is this a sand crab?
    That's a Mole Crab. They get about 2.5 inches where sand crabs only get about 1.5 max. The first time I ran into one I was about 1'.5 out in water digging for sand crabs. As they weren't on the shore line. So I go out 2 strides and dig. I have usually found the crabs offshore when they are not onshore. But they are bigger. Back to the story. I reached down and dug and thought i had a big clam.. pulled that up and scared the crap out of me the first time. And I threw it on a big circle hook and caught and nice leopard shark within about 15 minutes. Never have caught another one. ..mole crab that is. Plasticman
  2. #2 joshmoncada
    Re: Is this a sand crab?
    Never thought of using these for leopards. i have found a few of there before.