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    court rules fishing from public boat docks legal in Long Beach

    The Long Beach Register recently reported (ten days to two weeks ago) that a man who claimed the right to fish from the public boat docks at the marinas in Long Beach unmolested by city officials won his case in court. I am not sure about the particulars, but apparently we can fish in the marinas in spite of the no fishing signs posted, and LBMC 16 08 460 is not enforceable. According to the city's website, the municipal codes are being revised, and the codes they have posted may no longer apply. I have been fishing in Alamitos Bay Marina twice since I heard about this story, but I did not stay for long. I was not bothered or approached by the police, but I have never seen so many large and conspicuous "no fishing" signs posted anywhere else. They really got carried away with the stencils and spray paint. If their intention is to deter us from fishing, they have succeeded. I really don't want to find myself being cited and having my gear confiscated for fishing there, and I don't see anyone else fishing there either. I did catch a couple baby sea bass about six inches long. Mean little suckers. The boat docks at the marinas are the best place to fish in long beach.

    I will find out more over the next few weeks and keep you posted.

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    Some of the best bay fishing is right from the docks at both night and day. I understand that they don't want hooligans to be destroying or stealing private property but I do wish they could find a resolution to allow us to fish there at night.

    Did you know that some of the best spotted bay and sand bass fishing is at night from those docks (and most docks for that matter). Just use a black 1-2" grub rigged with just a split shot or sliding worm weight. Drop it down to the bottom just along the dock and walk slowly letting it bump over the rocks. In no time it will be game on! I've caught some huge fish that way right from the dock at night. So fun it should be illegal--wait a minute, maybe it is!

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    Thanks for the info Jon! I am subscribing to this thread to keep up to date on your info!

    Thanks, and WELCOME to the forum!

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    fished in the alamitos marina last night using worms on a hook and casting out between the seawall and the walkway by the boats. I got a bite on every cast and caught six sea bass between four and fifteen inches in about a half hour. four calico and two sand bass. A light lit up the sea wall where I was fishing revealed a bunch of bass lined up along the seawall.

    Someone living on a boat there told me there was no fishing allowed in the marina. He was upset that I was fishing in the marina in the presence of the signs. I told him about the story. He noted that the signs were still posted. As he left, he said was going to call the marina patrol if I did not leave. I invited him to make the call and called him an asshole for doing it. I continued fishing for about fifteen minutes until I calmed down. Knowing that I have looked back at myself from time to time and discovered that when I am angry I am an asshole, I checked my course and told the guy on the boat I would fish by the patrol station instead.

    No one was at the station, and I read every posted message they have displayed failing to discover any mention of the court ruling. when the marine patrol arrived, I asked him if I could fish there, and he said no. I told him about the story in the paper, and he said he had not received any instructions from his superiors. He said if I agreed to cease and desist, then he would not write me a ticket that he warned would cost about four hundred bucks with the court. Seeing no reason to fight about this in court as someone else has already had their day in court where the judge actually struck down the law that was written, and the city continues on as though it never happened.

    I think the city is convinced that their power is more important than their authority. They will not take the signs down, and the marine patrol will not be informed that the municipal code was struck down in court. They will simply rewrite the law in such a way as to circumvent the court ruling. It reminds me of the substance abuse and crime prevention act of 2000 that we voted into law directly and without the state government's consent. The purpose of the law was to reduce the prison population in the state by directing the courts to stop the police from arresting and rearresting drug addicts for the behavior associated with their addictions (simple possession and under the influence) by placing them into drug treatment programs instead. The police never stopped arresting anyone, and the prison population continues to rise, and drug addicts being the largest offender type. They should have began citing drug addicts and releasing them instead of continuing with their practices of incarcerating and reincarcerating drug addicts who require a regular dosage of the substance they abuse in order to maintain their addiction. Being a drug addict is not a crime, and they could not discover a way to punish them for their addiction directly. They examined the behavior of addicts in order to punish them for the behavior associated with their addiction, and they made the behavior illegal instead.

    I see no good reason why every fisherman in the state has to be restricted from fishing in the public boat docks regardless of how many instances of corrupt behavior by individuals have resulted in property loss or damage.

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    Its amazing to think that one that either lives on, or has access to a boat would act that way. I would take advantage of the opportunity to fish wherever, whenever from a boat and could understand someone having access to the dock, and welcome it. There are obviously guidelines to be followed by one doing so. It must have been the loud drunk crowds you had with you on the dock that drove him to react that way LOL!

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    What's out come of this post , got kicked out the bay last night .



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