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    Fresh Water Bass Boat 2 Salt

    My buddy from Fresno who fishes a lot of Bass Tournaments came down awhile ago and took him surf fishing. He didn't do to well and I schooled him
    Got to love that!

    But he says he wants to bring his bass boat down and we could fish the harbors. I was just wondering if salt gets into a freshwater motor is there issues? I know you have to rinse it out but once salt is inside .. isn't it inside?

    Or is there a special way to prevent the corrosion? He is coming down soon again. To give it another go and wants to drag his boat down.

    Thanks again

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    Just my opinion, but we used to take our boats out there for years, Never had any issues that I knew of before getting rid of them, but you have to flush the heck out of them. I'm not sure on the long term effect? Id be interested to hear what others have to say.
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    I used to be a boat owner had a 19' chaparral, mainly used it in fresh water however I did drop it in the ocean on occasion. Your buddy shouldn't have any problems as long as he washes the boat down with saltaway, can be purchased at most local marine stores. You should only need to flush the motor for 5 min or so, just don't forget about the trailer the salty water can do a number on the breaks, axle and so on. Good luck.



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