Finally the crazy Fred Hall Shows are over and it’s time to get back to some fishing! Went down to the beach and made some bait, plus went to Big Fish and bought some worms. I wasn’t leaving it to chance so I collected some ghost shrimp, sidewinder crabs, sand crabs, lug worms and blood worms.

Took a road trip up above Malibu looking for big perch. Found deserted beaches and some beautiful conditions.

Not a lot of fish were biting but did get into a wide-open bite of palm-sized barred surfperch.

Hooked into a nice little (and I mean little) leopard shark

Made my way down the beach a bit and hooked into this 18” halibut on a ghost shrimp. Almost legal but not this time!

Last fish of the day was this nice buttermouth/rubberlip surfperch. It had a #1 baitholder hook with a nickel plated swivel in it’s mouth. Removed the jewelry and let her go back into the water.

No great fishing this day but a darn lot of fun! Good to be back on the beach…

Next week I’ll have my summer on-the-beach seminar dates up on under the "Seminar" tab. Looking forward to seeing everyone this summer as we slay the surf fish!