Here is a tip that will keep your fingers clean whenever you dip for Glup artificial baits.
I used a clear round 3x5 Tupperware container or any air tight container and another cheap brand round container that I bought at the 99 cent store that fits into the Tupperware container.file:///home/sbc/Desktop/dont%20get%20your%20fingers%20dirty/IMG_20150626_224212.jpg

Trim the cheap container to fit about Ύ or less of the Tupperware container then drill holes for drainage on the bottom and then epoxy a round solid plastic stick to the center. Trim the stick to your liking just lower that the bottom of the lid.file:///home/sbc/Desktop/dont%20get%20your%20fingers%20dirty/IMG_20150626_224234.jpg

Insert into the Tupperware container fill with the artificial lures and then the juice, now when you need a lure just lift the handle stick and remove the bait without getting the juice on your fingers.file:///home/sbc/Desktop/dont%20get%20your%20fingers%20dirty/IMG_20150626_224619.jpg

Good Fishing