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    Lightbulb Don't get your fingers dirty again

    Here is a tip that will keep your fingers clean whenever you dip for Glup artificial baits.
    I used a clear round 3x5 Tupperware container or any air tight container and another cheap brand round container that I bought at the 99 cent store that fits into the Tupperware container.
    IMG_20150626_224205.jpg IMG_20150626_224557.jpg

    Trim the cheap container to fit about Ύ or less of the Tupperware container then drill holes for drainage on the bottom and then epoxy a round solid plastic stick to the center hole on both sides for strenght. Trim the stick to your liking just lower than the bottom of the lid.

    Insert strainer basket into the Tupperware container fill with the artificial lures and then the juice, now when you need a lure just lift the handle stick and remove the bait without getting the juice on your fingers.

    Good Fishing
    Don't forget to post your version

    Patent pending
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    Really good idea! It can really be a struggle sometimes trying to get them out of the container. I'll give it a try and let you know how it goes.
    Semper fi

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    Thanks for the tip. I like to fish before work and will only go home to clean up if I catch something worth keeping. But it keeps me from using any of my Gulp bait because it'll stink up the fingers.

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    Awesome tip, I need to get started on that.

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    Great idea!



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