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    Cool Capinteria Surf Fishing Seminar....

    Back from our surf fishing clinic a weekend ago in Carpinteria. Thank you to my helpers Mark, Ken and Deiny, to David Wilson at the State Park and to our go-to bait guy, Rick Klein for the great lug worms.

    We had a great few days of camping and fishing. What a beautiful park to camp at. We stayed right on the sand and just had to walk steps to our pet sand crabs and awesome fishing. When we first arrived, there was a wicked current from north to south. The first evening just one perch each as we chased our line and balls of kelp down the beach.

    I checked out a good spot the evening before that was just around the corner. A place I knew would offer a bit of relief from the current. Spots like this always hold fish because they are at the end of the “food river” that currents create. Pinned on a small sand crab and cast it out less than 15 feet of water. It swirled around in the brown foamy water, moving just off shore with the current, then my line went tight and it was game on. We had seen several big corbina the evening before and had numerous campers tells us of them. After a serious twenty-minute fight this slug surf ghost came to shore.

    After some pictures she was sent back into the water and it was back to camp for a break. A plate or two of these

    And it’s off to this…

    The president thinks he has a pen and phone. Ha, I have a phone and bacon, even better…

    The evening brought our first seminar group. We talked about baits and rigging then headed down to the sand…


    CARP FRIDAY FISH (1).jpg


    Saturday morning was there before we knew it so we headed over to the seminar area—and after coffee, donuts and a bit of instruction on rigging and how to hook sand crabs, ghost shrimp and lug worms it was down to the sand for more fishing...

    Over the two days our groups caught upward of 100 barred surfperch, a few shovelnose guitar fish, a yellowfin croaker or two and a couple of corbina. Before long it was time to pack up and come on home. Just another great summer of seminars and really thankful for all the folks who showed up and had a great time.

    If you want to catch a huge corbina or two this is where they are right now. We saw more than a dozen five plus pounders eating sand crabs all along the beach. Get up there and find the current breaks as that’s where you’ll find the fish.

    Just one more seminar this summer on Saturday September 26th at Bolsa Chica State Beach. If you would like to learn more about the on-the-beach clinics check out my “Seminars” page under “Topics” at

    Until then tight lines and good fishing my friends!

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    Rainshadow crank bait 7'6" 8-14 lbs with Curado 200E7, Curado 200E7, Clarus CRCD70M
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    20" Corbina, YFC 14.5", 13" BSP, 14" Spotfin, Sandbass 20" 21.5" Halibut on the surrf.
    WOW .. them bacons is THICK !! my favorite and so bad for my health

    Can't wait for Bolsa Chica

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    15.25" BSP, 20" Corbina, 16" YFC, 15.25" Spotfin Croaker
    Great report, sounds like a lot of fun
    Semper fi



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