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    Nov 2013
    Huntington Beach CA
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    Cousins 9' Bill Varney Surf Series Rod, Shimano 2500 Sedona spinning reel loaded with 6lb pink Ande mono...
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    28" corbina, 13.25" calico surfperch, 16" barred surfperch, 17.75" pile perch, 18lb halibut, 29" yel
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    Newport Coast Jetty Crashing...

    I wanted to go fishing so much but was trying to work around the crowds. We got a very early start and tried to get down there before all the beach goers took every parking spot. Walked on to Newport Beach and spread out.

    Fished sand crabs, lug worms and a few ghost shrimp on the Carolina rig...

    Noticed that most fish were very close to shore...
    Leopard Shark
    LEOPARD 8 15.jpg

    Found fresh sand crabs right where the sand and rock jetties meet. Dug between waves and picked up plenty of perfect ones. Then came along the elusive barred surfperch!

    Ken finished off the day with a pocket-size yellowfin croaker.

    Maybe when the surf goes down a bit the bite will heat back up. We have some great tides coming up over the next few weeks and it's going to get good!

    I'm having my last on the beach surf fishing clinic of the summer on September 25, 2015 at Bolsa Chica State Beach. You may learn more on my "seminar" page at If you would like to sign up--surfrats may do so this week (before the general public) by going HERE.

    Thanks for the support and see you on the sand!

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    Sep 2014
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    Rainshadow crank bait 7'6" 8-14 lbs with Curado 200E7, Curado 200E7, Clarus CRCD70M
    PB Fish Species
    20" Corbina, YFC 14.5", 13" BSP, 14" Spotfin, Sandbass 20" 21.5" Halibut on the surrf.
    My neighbor is going to register for the seminar .. so I get to carpool with him. I think he is registering for two.



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