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    Newport Beach pounding surf and great fishing...

    The reports of huge surf are always wrong. Ok maybe not. So we got some great bait from Rick at Hooked on Bait (he supplies worms to lots of shops from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border) and made our way down to the Newport jetties. We were loaded up with lug and blood worms and were ready to do some damage!
    The surf was huge and it was great watching the waves and surfers peel off the end of the jetty.
    Pinned on a huge blood worm and immediately got into a nice spot of yellowfin. My buddy Ken had the hot hand.
    The bite slowed down a bit so we ventured up toward the next jetty. A guy on the beach had just told us that when he was paddling out there were wide open boils on a ball of bait. He was right first cast a huge perch.

    Then another and another (sorry about the middle finger :-)
    After a few barred we hooked into a few walleye perch
    Then Ken ended the day with a nice corbina.
    Barred and walleye perch, yellowfin croaker and a corbina---Now that's a fun day. We used the Carolina rig with a short leader and a 3/4oz sliding sinker and fished the edges of the rocks. Although we had to wait a bit between sets it was well worth it with almost a bite every cast. Water was very warm, around 75, and the fish are finally settled in and biting again.

    My buddy Andre up Santa Barbara way let me know that the striped bass are biting at East Beach. He caught this one last week on a Lucky Craft Flash Minnow.

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    Wow ! Stripe bass .. soon ..well when my foot heals up

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    Searched for Hooked On Bait and could not find it. Can you provide a link or phone number?



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