Over the last two years this has been the time when calico surfperch really became active. I’ve found them in several places but always near rocks, offshore rocks in particular, and rocky areas like jetties and harbors.

Set up the car on Saturday and left before dawn in hopes of finding them at Leo Carrillo. As the sun came up the ocean was flat calm and thin clouds were streaking across the light blue sky.

I made sure to have an assortment of baits, so we caught some ghost shrimp, dug up a few clams and picked up some blood and lug worms from the Turners on Brookhurst in Huntington Beach. They now have bait there so please try to encourage them by purchasing your bait there. 18808 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 · (714) 965-5151. Ask for Mike, he’s the manager and tell him how much you want a surf fishing seminar and free giveaways for SoCalSurfrats at his store!

Ken and I fished along a 200 yard stretch of beach and although we didn’t get any calico we had a great pick on 12” barred perch, big walleye and four small leopard sharks.

As the morning wore on the sun disappeared behind the clouds and the wind picked up ferociously. We made it just to the car as the driving rain began and scurried back home.

I have a good feeling and know those calicos are up there. Just have to wait another couple of weeks for the tide and moon to get right and I’ll strike again!