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    Fishing near Avila Beach/Shell Beach

    Looking for a bit of advice. Heading up to Shell Beach for a work conference. Looking to do some surf fishing and would appreciate guidance anyone has on good spots. I will be limited on transportation but my hotel is right on the beach.

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    Hi, welcome aboard !

    I've never been to this particular area, however, I could let you know the secret is out. There is really no "secret spot" ..

    What I do when I stroll down the beach that I've never visited is look for areas that has a deep spot, and that is where I would start working. What I mean by deeper spots is that when you watch people as they started to walk into the water would notice that some people are ankle deep, and some are waist deep. That's the area that I would fish.

    Good luck..and if you see a baith shop in the are, they would also have very good info on what works, type of bait or artificial.

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    Thanks Fishkiller, I appreciate the advice.

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    Tony C., At Pismo you can wade out a ways, and you will find several troughs. I suggest casting and reeling in until you are in a trough. If you dont get hit fairly quick, reel in to the next trough. Cast again at 45 degree angles from where you are at and the same "reel into trough". work up and down the beach.



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