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    Water Swatter
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    Jan 2015
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    8'6 medium-heavy shimano clarus rod& Penn spinnfisher 4500
    PB Fish Species
    calico bass=19 inch barred surf perch=15.5 inches lyncod=24 inches halibut=25 inches opalleye=20 inches

    Halihunter got the goods

    Just wanted to thank crabman and the rest of the socalsurfrats crew, just received my contest gear and will be putting it to good use.hope everything went well crabman and I'll update on Sunday with some fish pics.

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    Nov 2013
    Huntington Beach CA
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    Cousins 9' Bill Varney Surf Series Rod, Shimano 2500 Sedona spinning reel loaded with 6lb pink Ande mono...
    PB Fish Species
    28" corbina, 13.25" calico surfperch, 16" barred surfperch, 17.75" pile perch, 18lb halibut, 29" yel
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    Thanks so much Hali... Get out there and hunt those butts down!



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