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    C-Bad (Frazee State Beach)

    Spent a few days in Carlsbad visiting my daughter and her husband and my 14mo old granddaughter who were on vacation from Arizona. We had one opportunity to walk down to the beach to surf fish last Friday July 8th. I anxiously got up at 5:45 and waited for my son-in-law to come down to our room so we could head out. After waiting until 7am I finally texted him and woke him up. He appeared a short time later, ready to go. While on the beach the day before(not fishing due to swimmers), I could not find any sandcrabs. So, my wife and I walked down to Pacific Coast Bait and Tackle and I bought some lug worms. My wife joined us to watch from her beach chair. We were fishing in front of the vacation rentals at what I believe was still Frazee State Beach. When we first walked down, There was a perfect rip area like Bill always talks about, however, three other fishermen were already fishing that area. Nuts! It was a minus low tide and to quote Seinfeld "the sea was angry that day my friends". We only had a couple hours to fish and with the ideal spot taken we headed North up the beach. We could not find an area as good as the one that was taken so, we just had to start fishing. As I started to fish with a lug worm I found a huge sandcrab bed. I didn't have a sandcrab rake so, I used my hands but could only find very small ones. I didn't want to spend too much time looking for bait. So, we just stuck with the lug worms. I missed a couple of fish. My son-in-law yells at me "I got something". He reels in a very small barred sand bass. He was able to catch his first ever fish in the surf! It ended up being the only fish caught as I got skunked. I did see a very nice 14" corbina swim by in front of me but, I was not able to catch him. It was still nice to wet a line though.
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