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    How to target Leopard Sharks?

    Hey everyone, Ill be in Carpinteria for a week during September and I'm dying to catch myself a nice leopard shark! Any tips on baits or setups or anything at all would be great! I have a surf rod and nice reel, sorry I don't remember the brands and models. I also would not mind to catch large shovel nose sharks or bat rays, anything that puts up a decent fight would keep me happy!

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I have not hunted sharks. I usually just go after halibut...and the occasional bycatch, perch, yellowfin croaker. I have seen people use freshly caught fish, i.e. perch as bait. Also I've "heard" fresh mackerel works really good. And if you cannot get a hold of those bait, frozen squid also works.

    For setup, you would need something that could handle up to 30lbs ? or greater. You would also need a Rod holder spike, because shark fishing is all about waiting. I would use a good 4oz pyramid sinker so your bait stays in the zone.

    You also want to rig up with a wire leader... and most of all, see if you find videos of how to land a shark. This is the most dangerous part where the shark will bite in order to protect itself. Careful out there.

    And make sure you post pictures, and give a report of your adventures.



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