December 5,6,7 and 8th.
Well California was fighting high winds and fast moving fires I went down to Baja Ensenada and with the super high tides and low tides fishing was slow but I was able to pick 1 Yellowfin croaker on the crack camo sandworms and 3 nice size 2 pound and 4 lb corbinas on sand crabs20171208_224854.jpg the weather was nice and calm Seas, 3 foot waves Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday the smoke from local fires made visibility difficult and the high winds kicking up all the Dust making it difficult to travel. 20171207_095026.jpg and on Friday no fish were caught the tides weren't as dramatic as Tuesday and Wednesday. All fish were caught on the 12 ft rod with two Circle hook setups and 6 oz weight20171206_140915.jpg