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    Promar Nets - Differences?

    I am wanting to get into hooping for Lobster/Crab from a pier and looking at the Promar nets. Does anyone have any pro's or con's they can share for the Eclipse VS the Ambush series? These seem to be the go to nets so wanted to get some feedback good or bad before I buy a couple of them.

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    Hi Jay,

    I personally prefer the ambush net I own 3 of them, since when you pull from the soaking period having a tall rigid wall makes it a little harder for the bugs to get out of the net on the way up. Also I hoop net from my kayak and the ambush net stacks easier one on top of the other on the front hatch of my kayak. This season has being hit an miss for me, lots of shorties with only taking home 3 legals so far. As far as bait goes I had better luck luring them in with Mackarel that I catch from the jetty or pier the night before a planned outing. As far as rigging if you are hooping from solid ground you don't have to worry too much about the rope and floats as much as I have to, so depending on what the rope might get caught should be the deciding factor for how thick and long your rope should be.

    Best of luck!



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