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    Striper Catching Tips

    I've always wanted to catch one. I know they can live in saltwater, and fresh and are caught all over the U.S., but I've never caught one. Since I like hanging out at the beach what does it take to catch one? What's a good place to have a decent shot at catching one of these bad boys? I've heard stories of guys having their rod in a holder on the beach and a hard hitting striper rips it out of the holder and drags the rod, reel, and everything out to sea? True, or not?

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    I know it's not "surf fishing" but if you really want to get into stripers you should venture to Lake Powell or Lake Mead, you won't be dissapointed it's a good time they have stripers up to 35-40 lbs

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    Gary you got to search for a video a guy down here caught a 25 lb striper of the beach here. Last month! It was crazy. I am going for them this year. I here they are a blast and the explosion when they hit will make you almost fill your waders. Not saying that I get excited or anything.

    Once again. Welcome




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