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Thread: Love The SNGF!

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    Love The SNGF!

    This was one of the First larger model fish that I caught from the surf. So I do have a soft spot in my tackle box for them.

    I usually do a double drop looper rig with a 5/0 hook and about a 3 ounce surf sinker. I use mostly squid when I am after the SNGF, yet they have been known to hit my shark rig once in awhile.

    It seems like they are in between the surf breaks.. The fist one I caught was a BC and it seemed that the bait didn't even get a chance to hit the bottom and it was off and running. I didn't have any idea what the fish was when I caught it because it was my first one. And I was really a rookie at that time.

    So hat tip to the SNGF! Does anyone know how big these guys get from the surf? I am going to have to revisit these old friends and see if I can get into one of the larger models.



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    Man I wish I saw this post while I was out today. My son B Day today and we had a little party at Dana point harbor. So being near the water of course I had to bring my gear. Very small harbor island so after a little while of festivities I set the lines and let them soak. After about 30 mins one line was on. Pull her in and behold a SNGF. I also enjoy these fish just cause I think they're gnarly looking. If I had seen this post I would have taken a legit measurement as it was one of the larger ones I've caught. It looks large to me anyways. Having fishy hands and my phone over the rocks and water I quickly took a couple shots. I would imagine thy would get to good size plastic man, night time would prob be the best time. Although rays will be in your way as well.

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    Wish I took a better pic. But better than nothing. As you can see I was using squid. Size 2/0 owner hook. This was inside Dana harbor so I imagine they could get to pretty big size in the surf where there is more food sources.



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