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Thread: It's The Tide!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duffy's Ghost View Post
    Went to the Hyatt Bridge in H.B. last Saturday on a peaked tide - just heading down. 3-5 foot surf. Rough. But that wasn't the half of it - the North to South side-current was like the Colorado River! 50 feet per minute. My 1 oz egg-sinker never stood a chance. Not fun. Not even a bump. Went to the pier to throw down the line - to finish my Skunk-o-rama of a day. Didn't bother Sunday.

    I hear that went south to San Clemente on Sunday tried the light rods and nothing, so through out the big stick with a 3 Oz weight and
    minutes it was 50yrds to the south on the beach. That's not how I usually like to fish the surf...

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    It's hard to fish when there is that much current. Funny to think how fast your 3oz sinker was moving. Can't imagine how fast the fish are moving! I'm like you, I have to go fishing so on days like that I try to find some rocks, jetty, etc. to fish behind where the current is not so strong. Normally the fish think the same way!

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