Surf Fishing Casting is King

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So you just bought yourself a brand new Bill Varney Signature Cousins 9′ surf rod and you are strutin’ down to the beach. You rig up your favorite Carolina rig and ad a tad bit more weight this time and sling that puppy all the way past the breakers. And then you do it again and again and again.


Hmm.. what is wrong with this picture. Well fellow surf fishing anglers I make this same oversight time and time again. But what always brings my back to reality is my 10 year old daughter right next to me catching all the fish!


Sometimes we forget about what I like to call the “stir” it is where the wave breaks into the shore and ‘stirs’ all the bait up! 90 percent of the time that is where you are going to catch fish. Yep. I know right in front of your feet.

So many anglers think that the fish are “way out there!”, but sometimes they are, just right at the oceans edge. In California on most of our Crystal Clear days put a glare on the water but if you get yourself a set of Polarized Supercool sunglases you can see the fish. Now I know sometimes this can be a real irritant, but it lets you know where they are and if you are lucky you can see the Corbina doing their Tail stands. Sometimes and I say that loosely I like to sit back and watch the action and watch how they move in and slide out. To me Corbina are the Master Casters competition, and if you just go and chuck your presentation as far as you can you are not going to catch the King!



In the surf there is tons of natural surf fishing structure. Just beyond the crest of the first crashing wave is usually a natural dip in the ocean floor or a Trough or Pelagic Parkway. This is where the baby perch, larger mole crabs, ripped away mussels from the jetties and rocks and  other good things for fish to eat are naturally being stirred up and pulled into by the current. When you look East and West and see Surfcasters usually catching Perch, Spotfins and Yellowfin Croakers, this is where you want to concentrate on casting.

So don’t over cast! Often times the fish are right at your feet or less than a first down away.

Using a quality medium-weight graphite rod, like the new Bill Varney Series by Cousins Tackle, Light and no longer than 8 to 9 foot in length, you can have a great time beaching 50 or 60 perch a day! Catching multiple species of fish on Ultra Light line and rigs is a great rush! Especially when you are stalking my adversary the California Corbina,

California Corbina

Surf Fishing for California Corbina

Good Luck – Tight Lines


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