Surf Fishing Species – Barred Surf Perch Information and Baits

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Barred Surfperch Surf Fishing Information

The barred surfperch (Amphistichus argenteus) is a fun sport fish for most surf fishermen along the California coast. It is also known as barred perch, silver perch, surf perch, sand perch and silver surf fish. It is native to inshore waters that range from northern California, USA to southern Baja California, Mexico.

The barred surfperch forms schools along coastal surf zones. It is an excellent fish for eating due to their firm white and light tasting meat. Generally it lives along sandy coasts in less than 20 feet of water where soft shelled sand crabs are available.

It has oval and compressed body with blunt head and comparatively large mouth. Body is olive green to yellow green on the dorsal side and the underside is silvery. It has bronze, brassy, yellow or gold vertical bars on the sides with a few spots between the bars. The upper jaw is slightly longer than the lower jaw. Dorsal fin has spiny and soft parts, of which, spines are always shorter than the longest dorsal soft-rays.

The barred surfperch reaches sexual maturity at the age between 1 and 2 years. This species can reach up to 45 cm in length and 9 kg in weight. Its life span ranges from 6 to 9 years.

The barred surfperch is viviparous and the female gives birth to new born young from March to July with gestation period of 5 months. Generally birth occurs earlier in the southern California than in the northern California. At birth the new born young measures about 2.5 inches long. A female gives birth at average 33.4 young per litter. The barred surfperch mainly feeds on sand crabs but also eats other crustaceans, bean clams and small crabs.

The barred surfperch is common at almost all sandy-shore, oceanfront piers and north to the Pacifica Pier. It is one of the main fish for sandy shore anglers in southern and central California. The female barred surfperch is targeted by most of the anglers because it becomes larger than male.

The most popular bait for barred surfperch is soft shelled sand crabs but blood worms, mussels, cut fish, and small artificial lures are also used by many anglers as baits and the camo sandworms is one their favorites.

UltraLight to light tackle and a Carolina rig with 6 to 2 size hooks are most often used to catch this species. Many anglers use bait holder hooks (size #4 -#6) to hold the bait with hook. When fishing with live sand crab as bait anglers should always check the bait and keep it alive and fresh.

The barred surfperch is caught year-round but December and January is the best months along the California coast. Best fishing usually occurs during the incoming tide when the surfperch comes to search food inside the breaker zone.

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