Surf Fishing Terms and Slang

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Surf Fishing Terms and  Slang

IF you are new to surf fishing and you are a member of any surf fishing community like or you will come across a unique and fun “Language” or a bunch of terms that are thrown around like they are part of the everyday fishing. Well they are! And we here at want you to be a part of it as well. We have gathered the terms used here in our forum and others that we are members of and put them into one easy to use list.
This list is mostly for the Pacific Coast surf fishing community, but we are open to comments on other terms from our surf fishing brothers and sisters!
Enjoy and hope these terms get you more involved in your posts and surf fishing reports!
Now get out there and surf fish!


General terms

AO – area of operation (military term)
C&R – Catch and release
CPR – catch, photo and release
FWIW – for what its worth
FYI – for your information
IMO – in my opinion
JMHO – just my humble opinion
LMAO – laughing my a$$ off
LOL – laughing out loud
OC – Orange County
PB – personal best
PM – private message
PUI – posting under the influence
ROFLMAO – rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off
SD – San Diego
TMI – too much information
VC – Ventura County
WO – wide open
WTB – want to buy
WTG – way to go
WTS – want to sell

BU – Malibu
BC – Bolsa Chica
“c-bad” – Carlsbad
DP – Dana Point
HB – Huntington Beach(more common), Hermosa Beach
IB – Imperial Beach
LB – Long Beach (aka LBC)
LJ – La jolla
MB – Mission Bay (more common), Mission Beach, Manhattan Beach, Morro Bay.
MDR – Marina Del Rey
NB – Newport Beach
OB – Ocean Beach
PB – Pacific Beach
PV – Palos Verdes
SAMO – Santa Monica
SB – Santa Barbara
SC – San Clemente
SO – San Onofre
TP – Torrey Pines
VC – Ventura County

BEAN – corbina ,sliders, corbs
BSB – Black Sea Bass
BSP – Barred Surf Perch
BUGS – lobster
BUTT– halibut (aka flattie, barndoor)

HalibutPhilip FRIEDMAN_443_312

LEO – leopard shark
SBB – Spotted Bay Bass
SFC – spotfin croaker
SLABS- large fish, generally referencing perch species.
SNGF/WIGGLES – shovelnosed guitar fish
SPOTTY’S – spotted bay bass but also sometimes refers to spotfin croaker
ROLLERS – sandbass
WSB – white sea bass. Also references white sea BAGS.
WSP – Wall eyed surf perch
YFC – Yellow fin croaker

63’S – references a smelt patterned color of Big Hammer Swimbait.
CRACK- Gulp! Sandworms generally in Camo colored (aka fishcrack)
CRF – clear with red flakes
C-RIG – Carolina rig
DS – dropshot.


KM – kastmaster
LC – LuckyCraft lures. Most commonly preferred for the surf is the Flashminnow
MOGF – motor oil grub with gold flakes
MORF – motor oil grub with red flakes
NP – New Penny. Color reference of Berkley line of artificials. See Berkley webpage for example.
SC – sandcrabs
BBMC – back to back micro sandcrabs
LONGRODDER’ – Big Rod Fishing


Well as you can see Surf fishing and Sport Fishing has a unique language as all popular venues. If you haven’t experienced surf fishing or would like to learn more about it, could I suggest venturing out and joining our surf fishing community. We are a bunch of surf fishing anglers trying to spread the knowledge that we have learned over the years. And some of us here have a lot of years!

Welcome and come on in. We always have an extra seat at the table.


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